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Zombie & Mummy on a Motorcycle

JULY 2022​

I created a t-shirt graphic of a zombie and a mummy riding together on a motorcycle with a sidecar for HEADLINE shirts.

TOOLS USED: Adobe Illustrator, Procreate

Dog brain.png
Mummy wrap ovr eye.png
60s scarf.png

After coming up with several ideas we landed on an image of a 60's style zombie with a headscarf made of the mummy's wrappings and its decomposing arm falling off in the background. I developed the image onto Adobe illustrator until we came to the final version below. 

zombie mummy motorcycle FINAL-01.png

After sending in the above version, the fallen hand was moved closer to the zombie

to condense the graphic onto the shirt.

The final shirt can be purchased here:

Screen Shot 2022-09-05 at 12.17.55 PM.png
Screenshot 2022-11-26 at 4.30.24 PM.png
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