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May 2022

This is a group project for a wearable technology class. we were asked to come up with a wearable that could send data about the user's body through bluetooth. Given the planet's more extreme temperatures due to global warming as well as the spread of covid-19 we decided to create a shirt that measured your body temperature and heart rate. 

TOOLS USED:  Illustrator​, photoshop, premiere pro, arduino, adafruit circuit playground, Thermal color changing dust, mcp9808 High Accuracy 12c Temperature sensor, Pulse Sensor Amped

The purpose of this project is to understand if heart rate is linked to body temperature. We will have a heart rate sensor and temperature sensor and as either heart rate or temperature goes up, the color of the fabric will change to indicate to the wearer what the body changes are. We can use this data to study whether or not when the heart rate is low if body temperature cools down or if heart rate is high, the body temperature heats up. Outside factors include the general ambient temperature - if it is a naturally hot day does this mean that heart rate will be naturally higher? The purpose of this wearable is to understand these factors and potentially find ways to keep heart rate and body temperature more consistent and stable regardless of natural weather conditions.

Screen Shot 2022-08-07 at 6.53.11 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-08-07 at 6.53.25 PM.png

The pulse sensor was attached to the sleeve around the left inner wrist. The temperature sensor was sewn into the shirt near the armpit so it could function similar to an armpit thermometer. While we were planning on coding the temperature sensor to send you body temperature data on your phone through bluetooth we still wanted a visual. We decided to experiment with Temperature Changing Color Dust to signify changes in temperature on the body. 


When experimenting with the color dust, we found that it could not be dyed. It had to be painted on with fabric paint. Due to that, we veered from our original design and painted stripes onto the sleeves and collar. 

The sensors are wired through the shirt into the pocket where the Circuit Playground sits.

(Side Note: Halfway through the project my partner and I were hit with COVID-19, so we had to get creative on how our shirt and video would be finished while in quarantine.

final video

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