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Smiley Outfit

FEB 2023

I Initially began this project with the idea of using this smiley fabric to create a top by manipulating and redesigning a sewing pattern I found of a romper.

While I was sewing the top, I had some other items of clothing set aside to hem and alter once I was finished with this project. Once of the items was a pair of white slacks that I had found at a thrift fair and and didn't realize at the time were too small for my waist.

Wanting to create a full outfit featuring the top I had just created, I decided to re design the slacks to pair with the top. I began by removing the waist and zipper from the pants. I sewed in the pockets to take in the hips more. I then proceeded to add in a new waistband featuring the smiley fabric. I added in a new zipper, reused the belt loops and button from the previous waist, and created a sunny and fun outfit for the summer. 

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