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Psychedelic toad commission

AUG 2022​

A commissioned graphic by HEADLINE Shirts. They wanted to create a t-shirt design titled "Psychedelic Toad" that would feature the a large toad looking straight at the viewer with a 60s Fillmore poster vibe. After brainstorming many odd ideas I came up with the concept of a four-eyed toad with mushrooms and iced tea floating around it throughout swirly patterns. The iced tea idea came from the kermit the frog meme of the muppet drinking iced tea. Since most 60s style Fillmore posters are filled with text I wanted to add some hidden messages throughout the poster saying "What's the Tea?" and "Spill"; "tea" can be referenced as spilling the news or what is the gossip. 

TOOLS USED: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Procreate

final psych toad.png

After some discussion, we decided to abandon the tea concept. We replaced the words and tea with more jumping toads and some flies to create more of a swamp feeling. 


For the final design we landed on the toads, flies, and mushrooms having the shirt color as their filling. The graphic will be printed on shirts and sold by HEADLINE.

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