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Presentation: What is Vegan Leather?

OCT 2022​

I conducted a research project on the life cycle of the materials that go into the Dr Martens Vegan Chelsea Boot. After having written up an essay and created a group poster, I decided to design a presentation to share my research on company greenwashing when it comes to misleading product names like "Vegan Leather."  

TOOLS USED: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Keynote


I began by introducing the product and the definition of greenwashing. I then continued to discuss the methods of production, environmental impact, health concerns, and waste management of the materials that went into the Dr Martens Vegan Chelsea boot. The background graphics feature images of the materials being discussed throughout the slides. I settled on a bright green, white, and charcoal color palette. To exemplify a mood of greenwashing, I chose to incorporate bright greens due to their unnatural appearance and similarity to cartoon images of toxic waste. 

Drmarten_pres T.png

I concluded my presentation by providing alternative brands that provide products with actual sustainable vegan leather, as well as supplied information of life cycle assessment programs that can be purchased to help people become more knowledgeable about what they are purchasing in the future.

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