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Pomegranate Season Pattern

pomegranet_pattern 3.png

OCT 2022

A pomegranate pattern that began as a doodle in my sketchbook. Once sketched, I decided that I wanted to turn the illustration into a repetitive pattern that could be used for products such as blankets, pillow cases, or wrapping paper. 

TOOLS USED: Adobe Illustrator, Procreate


I began by outlining my illustration with the pen tool on Adobe illustrator. After creating a color palette for the pattern, I added textures and put together design mock-ups for potential uses of this pattern.


Mockup base Image by originalmockup on Freepik

Plastic case for iPhone 11 Pro_pomegranet_pattern.png
Pillow on the couch_pomegranet_pattern_edited.jpg
Square pillow with changeable color_pomegranet_pattern_edited.png
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