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inflatable nap-time hoodie

Circle hoodie_edited.png

version 1

FEB 2022​

PROBLEM/AUDIENCE: It is very uncomfortable to try to fall asleep or relax in a hard spot especially when it is a public place. One can get very tired from working too hard, travel, or over exertion and napping is always a great way to re-energize.

PRODUCT SOLUTION: A cool looking hoodie that provides padding on the head/neck, shoulders, and forearms. When sleeping in a seated position, the arms are often used as a pillow for the head, the extra padding provides comfort for the user if they are leaning against a harder and more uncomfortable surface. This hoodie could be used for travel, camping, or when you want to get a quick nap in in a public place.


The hoodie includes 3 sections of tubing (leading to the end of each arm and the hood) that can be inflated and deflated based on the user's preference. The shoulder pads are connected to the forearm pads in each arm through a tube. The hood is two separate pieces that connect together through a larger tube at the base of the neck.


JAN 2023

REDESIGN: After some feedback and redesigns, I split the arm inflatables into three separate pieces to allow for more mobility. The large green pocket was moved closer to the center of the chest in order to create more armpit space. ​

When brainstorming methods to inflate the pieces, I considered hand air pumps and electronic air pumps. However, as I imagine this product used in public spaces such as trains, busses, airports, and planes, I wanted the product to be as compliant to TSA standards as possible. I concluded that the best and safest solution would also be the most obvious; inflating the hoodie with one's mouth (Oral Inflation Valve). 

Front and back.png

version 2

ASSEMBLY PREPARATION: When considering production and daily wear, the inflatable should remain stable within the sweatshirt while also having the ability to be removed from the garment if needed. The inflatables will be stitched in between two layers of fabric to create a makeshift pocket.

Sleeve stitching demo

NEXT STEPS: Create a pattern and demo the garment on CLO 3D. 

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