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fashion design for needs



This project called for designing two outfits that function for a need that are drawn in the illustration style of a professional fashion illustrator. I focused on creating items of clothing with adjustable compression on the chest. The compression pads can be tightened and loosened based on personal preference and mental state. Much of the fabric is created from soft, loose, and breathable materials such as cotton and linen. The clothing also has various textures and areas to fidget with when in a nervous state. 

I based my illustration style on Georges Lepape. I enjoy the art deco style he uses for his illustrations. Lepape is a French fashion designer and illustrator from the early 20th century. Lepape created covers for Vogue USA in 1926.

TOOLS: Procreate & Illustrator

design for needs_anxiety-04.png
design for needs_anxiety-03.png
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