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Bio darts brand

May 2022​

I created a brand for a bio-design project called Bio Darts. I began by making a mood board for the brand that invoked a fun and illustrative vibe with a bright and playful color scheme. The color choices were inspired by organisms in nature that use coloring to ward off predators. We did not want animals to eat the bioplastics, so we considered methods to perhaps deter them.

TOOLS USED: Illustrator, Procreate​ & Wix

brand logo

My initial idea for the logo was to incorporate a dart shooting through the font. However, as I continued to develop my concept, I found that simply having a ghost of a bullet conveyed the same message.

UI for biodarts web-06_edited.jpg
short logos-09.png

My logo development process:

UI for biodarts web-05.png
UI for biodarts web-05.png
UI for biodarts web-05.png

branding theme and color scheme

Before designing a logo I created a multiple mood boards for the Bio Darts brand. Once conferring with the rest of the team, we landed on the themes of the board below and I continued to narrow down a color palette (shown right).

UI for biodarts web-02.png

color palette

UI for biodarts web-05.png

When considering typeface, I chose to continue using the Cubano font (used also on the logo) for headings on the website. I chose the type because I was initially inspired by the movement and boldness of the Nerf logo and wanted to utilize a bold and somewhat sporty feeling typeface. 

As a supporting paragraph typeface, I found that the font Syne complimented Cubano nicely and continued the brand themes well.

prototypes web page
Challenging the norm web page
welcome web page

brand illustrations

I wanted to bring in dynamic sketches of the Bio Darts in action. For the website, I incorporated several of these sketches into the title sections  of each page to bring in an initial vibe of what the page may be discussing.

Dart bomb background .png
Bullseye background .png
Fall dart background .png
Of dart_edited.jpg

bio dart 3d model

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