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Goldfinger - 007 - Character re-animation

JULY 2020

I re-created the Characters from the James Bond movies Goldfinger and Dr. No. I adapted a trailer that featured both films and turned it into a brief character animation. 

During my character creation, I wanted to switch the classic archetypes built into early 007 movies that often had offensive characters that were hard to watch. I decided to gender bend and update all of the characters and give them a little bit of visual background while keeping a somewhat 60s style. As the characters are voicing their original characters in the trailer, they were illustrated to still have similar personalities to the original characters. When illustrating James Bond, I was inspired by Valkyrie from Thor: Ragnarok and the new 007 character from the upcoming No Time To Die (2021) film. With Goldfinger, I imagined a villain similar to Principle Trunchbull from Matilda. For Dr. No, I wanted a character that appeared intelligent but affected by their previous scientific experiments. 

TOOLS USED: Adobe Illustrator, Animate

Character spin

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